Dental Onlays Can Help Your Smile Needs

Published on July 16, 2017

At the dental practice of Walter E. Davis, DDS, we care for your smile using dental procedures which are kind to your health as well as cosmetically attractive to boost your self-confidence. This matters because your smile health is vulnerable to dental issues, such as oral trauma, tooth decay, and other damage that can arise over time, but that doesn’t mean dental restorations can’t be aesthetically pleasing in the process.

Thanks to modern dentistry, Dr. Walter Davis is able to offer our patients in Muskogee, OK, onlays to fix tooth damage to restore the tooth’s function. Our dental onlays cover one or more cusps on a tooth or even the entire biting surface, as necessary. On the spectrum of dental restorations, onlays are somewhere in between dental fillings and crowns. Interestingly, onlays are sometimes called partial crowns since they cover so much of a tooth’s area.

When Dr. Walter Davis places your onlay, it will be strong and durable while blending in naturally with your tooth by being matched to the tooth’s size and shape. What does this mean for you? A sturdy restoration which also compliments your tooth’s appearance.

If you have a tooth with minor to moderate damage or decay, Dr. Walter Davis can place a dental onlay on top of the tooth, or between the teeth, and even down to the gum line. If you have a chipped or damaged tooth, a dental onlay can effectively restore your smile.

If you would like to take the next step in restoring your smile, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Walter Davis to determine what is the right option for your needs. Please give our dental team a call at 918.682.1961 and maintain your confident smile!