I have spent most of my life embarrassed by my teeth. As a young girl, I had a congenital problem that caused large brown spot on two of my teeth, and I also sported a big space between my front teeth. In my young teens, I lost a tooth which left a space near the front, which was not resolved until I was almost out of high school. As an adult, I had a bridge that I wasn’t very happy with, teeth that were far from white, and also slightly protruding upper teeth. Needless to say, I spent most of life covering my smile behind my hand.

I was extremely thrilled with the work that Dr. Davis did to change my smile. My husband said that he never realized how I hid my smile, or didn’t smile until I had a “makeover”, and began smiling so much. My favorite compliment comes from him, “your teeth look like you were born with them”. Not baby teeth, of course, but natural. They aren’t perfect “cookie-cutter” teeth. There are slight differences which make them look very natural. I love them and wish I hadn’t waited so long to have a “smile makeover.”